9 Feet Flat Line Micro USB Sync & Charge Cable


9 Feet Flat Line Micro USB Sync & Charge Cable

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This Flat Line 9 feet Micro USB sync and charge data cable is designed to stay untangled and clutter free. 9 feet of cable gives you ability to use your device in bed, position on a nightstand, or just relax on the couch and watch a movie.


  • Manage, backup, and transfer the data between your PC and device and vice versa!
  • Deliver power or transfer data.
  • Provides a convenient way to connect your device.
  • Compatible with most devices with Micro USB port.
  • Ensure the rapid transfer of data.
  • Use in car, in office with a power adapter or laptop/computer.
  • Type: Micro USB Cable.
  • Sync and charging cable.
  • Cable Length: 9 feet.
  • Manufacturer: BC.
  • Color: Blue.

SKU: 98966 - Blue
PART: 98966
UPC: 8907940896552

SKU: 98965 - Green
PART: 98965
UPC: 8907940896569
Compatible with all micro USB devices.

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