Luminescent Multi Color Glowing Sticky Ceiling Balls


Luminescent Multi Color Glowing Sticky Ceiling Balls

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RELIEVE PRESSURE Simple stress release of soft pressure ball. These sticky balls can be thrown on the wall, wait for the ball to fall off slowly, and then catch it. A good leisure and relaxation game suitable for classroom, home or office, very suitable for teachers, students and anyone else.


FLUORESCENT STRESS RELIEF TOYS Our sticky wall ball is a great decompression toy. Unlike many other stress relief balls, these are highly tear-resistant and will not break open. Whether it is rocking, squeezing, pulling or bouncing, it will instantly go back to their original shape. It can also emit light. Allows your playing at night is more cool.


ENDLESS FUN EDUCATIONAL TOY It can be squeezed, and the soft feel is particularly comfortable. Relieve stress and hand flexibility.


Product Details:

  •          You have to roll on carpet or your hand for a few min so they don’t stick on the wall the whole time.
  •        To make them glow hold them up to a light!
  •       Wear eye protection and mask when throwing at ceiling
  •        Actual product may differ due to lighting!


Name: Stress Relief Ball
Size: about 6.5cm/2.5in
Color: Luminous yellow, luminous blue, luminous green, luminous pink, luminous White

Package Included:

3x Stress Relief Balls ( 1 Yellow / 1 Red / 1 Blue )

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