Portable UV Mobile Phone Sanitizer Box


Portable UV Mobile Phone Sanitizer Box

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Are you looking for a portal sanitizer that you can carry with you and sanitized your phone and other personal belongings?  Check out this portable UV sanitizer box — multifunctional disinfecting box compatible for mobile phones under 6.8", wearable gadgets, and more.  Are you aware that your precious tech gadgets, as well as your wearables and accessories, carry more germs and bacteria than an average toilet seat? This is the time to get clean.  Using this UV sanitizer box.

This T3000 UV sanitizer box has UV light wave length of 253.7nm

Simply put it in for 5 minutes to sanitize and protect yourself from bacteria and germs

The sleek, ergonomic and compact design of this sanitizer box makes it easy to take with you, wherever you go.

- The UV light sterilizer kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs in just 5 minutes. Making it very easy and convenient to disinfect your smart phone.

-UV light wave length : 253.7nm

- Ultraviolet ray can cause cell cost fission, can destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA, cause growing cell to die, achieve the effect of disinfection.

- Also suitable for your phone, iPods, MP3 players, Bluetooth earphones, watches, small clothing pieces, socks, baby toys, forks, masks, eye glasses, toothbrush, keys, jewelry, and cosmetic products.

Material: ABS
Power mode: USB
Input current: 1 -2A
Quota voltage: DC5V
Maximum power: 9 watts
UV wavelength: 253.7nm
Maximum capacity: 6.8"  mobile phone

Package Included:
1 * UV Sterilization Box

warranty : 60 days

*hardware / water damage not cover under warranty

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